BOSCH DREAMS – 7 Fingers 

Bosch Dreams pays homage to the painter Hieronymus Bosch and the surrealist movement he inspired. The contemporary circus show takes you on a fantastic journey through surreal imagery that delves into Bosch’s fabulous and saturated universe. Pictures come to life right in front of you as the amazing acrobatic artists from The 7 Fingers unleash their playfulness across a fascinating 3 dimensional canvas of projected videos created by the French-Argentine video artist, Ange Potier. His magic-realist video projectionsm encompass everything that characterizes both Bosch and the surrealist movement. The Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch is renowned for his wondrous paintings with peculiar people and imaginative animals.

I was the technical coordinator during the load-in’s and the load-out’s and also helped with the change over’s during the show.





Technical Manager

Sept / Okt 16