THE DREAMLESS – Ulrike Quade Company

An auditory trip to a world without sleep
This future scenario is about a world in which we no longer sleep. A tech giant offers us anti-sleep technology and determines our destiny. Without ever getting tired, we can always stay awake.
Time is won and dreaming is a thing of the past. That makes this future world in balance, because in this waking world people are patient and full of community. Dreams infect our brains with erratic thoughts.
Yet there is a man in society’s society who has no control over this anti-sleep technology. He still sleeps and dreams, as the only one. This shaman of the new age appears irresistible to artists, writers and musicians, because he can tell people what they would dream if they did. He becomes a visionary for the interwoven society, and with it: a threat to the system.





Ulrike Quade Company

Light & Set

Aug / Nov 19

Anouk van Kalmthout