WOMB – Ulrike Quade Company

Isis, Osiris and Seth are divine Egyptian triples. Together they are the subjects of many stories of scorching love, deadly jealousy and magical (re)birth.
Ancient myths explain to us things that we cannot remember: the origins of the world and the start of our own lives. Director Ulrike Quade reshapes one such myth. She bridges Egyptian gods with contemporary notions of identity, gender and fertility in an intimate collaboration with audiovisual collective The Transketeers, who have deployed their personal stories and their skills as filmmakers. If we can rewrite the stories of our origins, could we then also reshape our identities?
Womb m/f/x is a new production about ancient family ties and passing on life; a myth of origins that helps unpick a time of identity politics and disruptive change.
Theatre, dance, puppetry, film, storytelling and puppetry coalesce in a spatial theatre experience with hypnotising music and piercing moving images. Following her series of experimentations with new technologies and theatre forms, Ulrike Quade now looks for inspiration in the gaming culture.






Ulrike Quade Company

Light and Motion

Oct 20

Anouk van Kalmthout